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Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice

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A practical guide to help veterinarians improve the welfare of their patients in their everyday work. A concise and accessible introduction to welfare that is both interesting and valuable in practice.

The book describes ways to evaluate patients, develop in-practice quality of life assessments, resolve difficult clinical dilemmas, and turn good decisions into real welfare outcomes. It reviews available scientific information, legal issues and ethical dilemmas, and relates these to everyday case studies throughout. It provides ways for all veterinary professionals to develop their animal welfare understanding, without assuming prior knowledge, while advancing the wisdom and abilities of experienced practitioners.

Key features:
- Presents practical and realistic methods for working with owners to improve patients' welfare within the constraints of everyday practice.
- Provides useful advice for work within many legal jurisdictions.
- Includes summaries of research, vital references, and further reading sources.
- Key points are recapped at the end of each chapter.

Suitable for all those working in the veterinary and related professions, including veterinarians, veterinary nurses, animal welfare scientists, animal behaviourists, paraprofessionals and lay staff.

Author: James Yeates

ISBN: 9781444334876